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PARKSUN is an Australian company that is a Turn-key Renewable Energy Solution and Solar System integration provider. PARKSUN works closely with the industry’s experts, leading brands, qualified manufacturers in bringing you high quality solar system alongside technical expertise and outstanding customer service.

Our vision remains to be a true Solar System Solution Provider that will always strive to offer excellent value and service. PARKSUN is devoted to working only with the industry's best renewable energy professionals thus committed to provide a clean energy future for generations to come.

With years of solar industry experience, we know what is PARKSUN to you, our customers, from residential to commercial area and we want to be your best solar system solution and integration provider combining our passions for renewable energy in Australia. 

1. Price Strategy:

Our price Strategy is value for your money. We have been in the renewable energy industry for a long period of time, our sourcing team and our qualified subcontractors will provide you the best possible price for your solar power system without compromising the quality of system.


2. Solutions:

Parksun is delighted to offer our customers fit for purpose solutions. Our solar systems for homeowners and business owners allow us to deliver turn-key and system integration solutions within exceptionally quick turnaround times with rigorous metric quality control and quality assurance parameters.


3. Optimized design:

Parksun customized design by its CEC approved engineering designers can provide you with flexible and turn-key solution to ensure optimum performance and maximum savings over the full life time of the solar system.

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